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Production of edge-glued panels, furniture from glued boards, the Czech Republic

The PODHAJI s.r.o. company specializes in custom production of edge-glued panels - it is a reliable partner to all manufacturers of quality staircases, stringers, furniture or work and kitchen tops.

Our edge-glued panels are manufactured by gluing the finest sawn timber (beech, oak, maple, ash, nut trees, pine, larch, cherry tree). During the production of wooden plates we use an atested glue, which is not harmful to health and could be used in contact with food.

We supply edge-glued panels from continuous slats or slats adjustable in length in various widths, lengths and thicknesses of boards, lengths and qualities of slats.

You can find us in a newly renovated area on the address Lutonina 138 in Vizovice.
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