Systems for management of intelligent building technologies, the Czech Republic

Systems for management of intelligent building technologies, the Czech Republic
We create systems for managing the technologies of intelligent buildings that are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

We design the building so that it saves the environment, energies, and to make sure that materials and waste are managed well in it.

For the right ecological function of the construction we have created a package of measures called ECO10.
When these measures are observed, the greenhouse gas emissions lower and the energy efficiency of the building rises.
A better distribution of energies and operating costs also influences the economic sustainability. Thanks to the optimization you will save up to 50% of the previous costs.

We ensure a comfortable stay for all the building's users, thanks to which the realty can develop its potential. In a well lighted and ventilated building the labor productivity increases and the workers' sickness rate lowers.

Thanks to our energy management you will lower the costs, acquire an optimal operation, lower the CO2 production and thus protect the environment.
We will also help you gain the eu.bac certification for sustainable modern buildings.

The rooms themselves are also made economical and ecological. You yourself can manage the lighting, cooling, heating, electrical devices and shading, and thanks to the meters you can always keep track of the specific consumption. In a pleasant environment the productivity increases and users' health improves. The whole system can be controlled by a BACnet computer unit.

To our customers from the pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical and healthcare fields we offer air-conditioning units adapted for a hygienic work in critical environment.

We equip laboratories with quality furniture, OEM extractor hoods and other products from the Life Sciences field. We will advise you and create an ideal application in the area of hot/cold water distribution, heat and ventilation savings, optimization of heat pumps and solar heating and electricity savings.

The knowledge of our employees is kept in a CASE library program, which allows a repeated use of proven applications and helps the project team with preparation and implementation of the operation and building consumption optimization.

For the manufacture of our products we use only recyclable materials with long service life and high energy efficiency.

We have been working for you for more than a hundred years and we still keep a technological edge over the competition.

We have proven work procedures, experience, and we can handle even the most difficult tasks.
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