Sending money with Western Union Prague, the Czech Republic

We will send your money transaction fast and safely with the green form for currency transfer.

All you have to do is fill in the short form with information about the destination to which the money should be sent and the precise amount in CZK or USD. Then fill in the Recipient line with a name and place of residence of the person who is supposed to withdraw the money.

In the Sender section state again your initials, address and contact for the case of any problems. If the receiver is going to prove his identity with an ID, tick the relevant box in the list.

Indicate whether it is just a money transfer or a payment for services and goods.

At the end of the form just sign your name and add the date. In you want, you can also choose the transfer to be delivered by a courier or to receive a telephone notification of the transfer.

Leave the completed form at our branch office, and if needed our employees will help you or fill in the missing information with you.

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