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Hydraulic presses|Opava, hydraulic mechanisms, production, development, the Czech Republic

Hydraulic presses, mechanisms are produced by the PRESSHYDRAULIKA, s.r.o. company in Opava.

We supply hydraulic mechanisms throughout the whole Czech Republic and also to abroad.

Production, sale of hydraulic presses:
- deep drawing ranges ZHO, ZH, ZHS. These presses are suitable for deep drawing, pressing, punching, cutting and cold bending, as well as for other forming works
- workshop hydraulic press of the ZHH range designed for assembly and dismantling works, partial forming, bending, flattening and marking
- table hydraulic press of the ZHW range designed for bending, forming, punching, riveting, cutting, flattening, marking, drawing

We produce special purpose hydraulic presses:
- flattening
- rubber moulding, heating, curing
- daylight
- for ceramics processing
- for explosive materials processing
- binding presses

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