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A roller conveyor will significantly speed up the operation in all industrial fields, the Czech Republic

Roller conveyors are easy, yet well worked-out devices suitable for transporting piece-goods. A roller conveyor can be ajusted precisely to your needs - its basic parameters, such as, width, height, type or roller spacing, are always set according to the transported items and their size, shape and amount.

We will be happy to supply roller conveyors also with accessories for larger production or packaging lines, as well as for conveyor systems.

We supply roller conveyors in a wide range of designs - driven and non-driven, straight, turntables, movers, lifting units or traversers. There is, of course, also a wide selection of accessories for not only roller conveyors, from stops or stoppers, through dividing modules, up to transfer units, stackers or robots.

To make the roller conveyor fully functional, it is neccessary to have a reliable and powerful control system.

If you are thinking about buying the roller conveyors, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will happily assist you and introduce the individual models and possibilities.

Our TMT company supplies products throughout the whole world and the large number of regular and satisfied customers is the best proof of the quality of the services. TMT is a purely Czech company, yet with a stable position on the global market. We have our own production facilities with the latest devices and equipment, thanks to which we can offer you quality and reliable products.

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