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Fuel wood - shortened and chopped, supply, wood sale Znojmo, the Czech Republic

Are you looking for a supplier of fuel wood near Znojmo? Then do not hesitate and contact us. Our BOŠ spol. s.r.o., company is engaged in fuel wood supply.

We offer quality wood, you can choose from hardwood or softwood.
The supplied timber is mostly from beech, hornbeam, oak, birch, spruce, pine or larch.
We sell the wood shortened or chopped, in lengths of 25cm, 33cm and 100cm.
You can choose the suitable length that you need.
Leave the rough work to us, you do not have to own any sawing equipment.
Order the timber from us and you will have one thing less to worry about.
Do not hesitate and contact us. You can visit our warehouse, which is located near the train station in Olbramkostel, approximately 10km from Znojmo.
We are looking forward to you.

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