Oversized railway transport, transportation of heavy consignments, the Czech Republic

The NH - TRANS, SE company has many years of experience with providing transportation for significant metallurgical and engineering companies both at home and abroad. We process complex transport projects including all neccessary transport permits and assents.

Services offered in connection to oversized transport:

- complex forwarding and consulting activities related to transportation of heavy and oversized consignments
- railway transportation of heavy and oversized consignments
- providing transport with the use of our own low-loader wagon from the Uaai series (Hx) or its rental
- assistance in the consignment loading
- transhipping in river or sea ports
- shipments tracking along the route
- quality control of the transported goods by authorized inspectors
- cargo insurance.

Uaai low-loader wagon - basic technical parameters

- sixteen axle railroad low-loader wagon of the Uaai series (Hx)
- allows transportation of oversized cargo of the maximum weight 191 300 kg
- rebuilding the low-loader wagon to a wagon with radial bolsters enables transportation of heavy and oversized cargo of the maximum weight 249 000 kg
- commonly transported cargoes: crankshafts, boiler drums, steel ingots, steel bridge structures, rolling stands, moulds, machinery, etc.

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