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How to sorte waste correctly in Prague, the Czech Republic

Yellow, blue, green and orange. Colours that do not only constitute elements of the color range, but also have much deeper meaning. Especially in the ecological field, for these individual colours represent the content of waste containers. Four colours that help improve the world. Now you can too learn how to sorte waste correctly.

Prague is the leading city in the waste management field. Coloured containers can be seen almost at every corner. But what sorts of waste can you bring to them and how to sorte the waste properly?

- Yellow container - yellow colour is dominated by plastics. Among them are included foils, bags, plastic bags, pressed PET bottles, packages from washing, cleaning and cosmetics products. Not many people know that into the yellow container belong also cups from yogurts and other dairy products, packaging foils from consumer goods (bar packagings, etc.), CD covers and many other plastic products. Also foam polystyrene (but only in small pieces) can be thrown into the yellow container.

- Blue container - blue is good. And also the colour of containers for paper. Magazines, newspapers, workbooks, boxes, paper packages, envelopes with foil windows, bubble mailers without the bubble cushioning, even papers with office staples. The processing companies are able to handle all that.

- Green container - green is the colour of glass. That is why into the green container you can throw any bottles from wine or other drinks, ketchup bottles, jam or marmelade jars, pane glass from windows and doors. You can also encounter a variant of a green container and a white one right next to it. In such case, clear glass goes to the white container and colored glass to the green one. The glass need not to be broken into pieces as we will take care of its further sorting.

- Orange container - these containers are the right place for beverage cartons. The so-called hard cartons (not the soft ones, like, for instance, coffee or powdered food bags) belong here. Into the container marked by an orange label you should thus throw primarily boxes from juice, wine, milk and dairy products. However, do not forget to step on them to press them properly.

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