Hops pelletizing line, the Czech Republic

Have you ever heard of a line for the pelletizing of hops? Brewers, beer producers, merchants and producers of hops - pay attention. KOVO NOVÁK, the world leader in the production of complete pelletizing devices, has brought to the market a top device for a high quality production of pellets from hops.
Our company went through several years of development and research in the field of pellet production and has perfectly developed a unique solution for an economical manufacture of pellet hops.
By originally dealing with dozing and low pressure pressing, we produce highly valued quality hops pellets, while carefully preserving the essential oils that provide beer with its hoppy aroma and delicious taste.
When making a pellet out of hops, its surface covers with lupin resin and thus helps to protect the hops pellets from oxidation, provides them with longer durability and lowers the risk of quality damage.
During the pelletization the hops are not thermally damaged and thus have better aroma, taste and stay fresh for a longer time.
The line helps to significantly lower the costs in beer production. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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