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Printed circuit boards, printed circuit board asembling, printed circuit board production
HOKAMI CZ Ltd. company is a supplier of printed circuit boards.

PCB production
Hokami CZ company is a producer and a supplier of single layer and multilayer printed circuit boards produced using up-to-date technologies. Its advantages are high quality of products, short delivery times and favourable prices.

PCB asembling and testing
Hokami CZ company assembles printed circuit boards both delivered by a customer and boards of its own production. PCBs are assembled one-sidedly and double-sidedly with SMD components and outlet parts.
The high standard of technical equipment and know-how of our co-workers enable us to carry out almost all assembling methods. Large-scale investments in technical equipment allow nowadays assembling capacity up to 5 million components per month.
Visual tests of all PCBs are taken for granted. At customer's request, we perform a functional test and an incircuit test. Special cable testers are used for cable and bunched cable testing .

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