Professional exercise lessons Zlín-TRX, alpinning, spinning, powerplate, the Czech Republic

Professional exercise lessons, such as TRX, Alpinning, Spinning, Power plate and many other, are offered in the Sportcentrum Maty Zlín, which excels with its wide range of various sports lessons and qualified instructors.

Do you not know which exercise is the right one for you? Come to us and try them. Our offer includes, for instance, Power plate, which is exercising on vibrating platforms. This kind of exercise can help you train effectively in the shortest possible time.

With alpinning or spinning, both performed on special trainers, you can loosen up and yet improve your physical condition.

You can, however, also choose a functional training like TRX, in which you work with your own body and thus acquire better stability, flexibility, strength and persistence.

There are 15 different exercise types prepared for you, from which everyone will certainly choose according to one's own wish and requirements.

Our trainers are here for you. Do not hesitate, visit our website for more information or contact us directly.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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