Production of laundry detergents, fabric softeners Merkur, Jelen soaps, Pitralon and Olimon cosmetics, the Czech Republic

Spolpharma s.r.o., Ústí nad Labem. Production of dental hygiene and cosmetic products Olomouc.

The company specializes in contractual manufacture of cosmetic and dental hygiene products for leading Czech and transnational companies. These are mostly toothpastes and mouthwashes, skincare and bodycare cosmetic products, including sun protection, repellent and massage formulations. It has great experience also with the production of hair and baby care products. Besides its long-term cooperation with major cosmetic companies it produces and supplies the market with the Pitralon and Olimon men's cosmetic lines, as well as the popular laundry detergents Merkur, Jelen and Namo. The company is holder of the SVP certification (good manufacturing practice) and the international quality standards and environmental management certifications ISO 9001 and 14001.


Laundry detergents:
- NAMO soaking agent (reduces consumption of washing powders)
- MERKUR white power (for white laundry)
- MERKUR biocolor (for coloured laundry)
- MERKUR automat (universal laundry detergent for white and coloured laundry)

Fabric softeners:
- MERKUR balsam
- MERKUR flowers & vanille
- MERKUR fresh

Washing gels:
- MERKUR automat
- MERKUR color & black

JELEN washing soap

Men's cosmetics:
- PITRALON F (aftershave lotion with vitamin F)
- OLIMON (pre-shave lotion softens the beard and prepares it for easier shaving)
- OLIMON (aftershave lotion with fresh citrus extract)

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