Rohozec beer, beer specials from the brewery in the Bohemian Paradise, the Czech Republic

We are a significant brewery in the very heart of the Bohemian Paradise area and we produce beer of the highest quality.
You can find us near the Turnov town, in a municipality called Malý Rohozec.

We supply our beer throughout the whole Czech Republic and also abroad, for instance to Poland, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Russia and Australia.

Our product range includes, among others, the following kinds of beer and lemonades:

ROHOZEC Podskalák beer - light draft beer, alcohol content 4, 2%
ROHOZEC Skalák 11% beer - light lager, alcohol content 5, 0%
ROHOZEC Skalák 12% beer - light lager Premium, alcohol content 5, 3%
ROHOZEC Skalák 13% beer - light special beer, alcohol content 6, 0%
ROHOZEC Skalák tmavý 13% beer - special dark beer, alcohol content 5, 9%
ROHOZEC Skalák řezaný 11% beer - half-and-half lager, alcohol content 5, 0%
ROHOZEC Skalák malina 11% beer - raspberry flavored half-and-half lager, alcohol content 5, 0%
ROHOZEC Skalák Czech beer - light beer, alcohol content 3, 2%
ROHOZEC Skalák nealko beer - light non-alcoholic beer, alcohol content max. 0, 5%

Cherry beer - flavored beer alcohol content 3.9%

Barreled and draft lemonades:
quality lemonades without artificial sweeteners and with natural aroma
- Limo Erko Orange
- Limo Erko Malina (raspberry)
- Limo Erko Cola

Ginger drink (ginger lemonade)

In the historic complex of our brewery in Malý Rohozec you can find a restaurant where we offer all our draft beers and cook great food for very affordable prices. In the kiosk you can buy bottle beer or promotional items from Rohozec.

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PIVOVAR ROHOZEC, a.s Prodej, vyroba piva a limonad Turnov

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