Rental of high lift trucks, Litoměřice, the Czech Republic

Our high lift truck rental is here for everyone who only needs handling equipment from time to time.

How does our high lift truck rental service work? It is easy - all you have to do is choose the type and number of trucks and we will provide them for you. We offer high lift trucks with a load capacity from 1800 to 5000 kg, for a single day, as well as for two weeks or several months.
You can choose, for instance, from the following trucks:
- high lift trucks with the traditional DIESEL or LPG drive - these high lift trucks offer high performance, easy maintenance, low consumption and noise level
- high lift trucks with the CNG drive - the operational costs of high lift trucks running on compressed natural gas are much lower compared to conventional fuels
- battery trucks with the AC technology - designed for places where it is neccessary to meet strict hygiene and emission standards

We provide high lift trucks of all kinds. Contact us and rent them for as long as you need.

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