Production, sale, wooden, solar EURO windows, Přerov, the Czech Republic

The ALBO company, a Czech window manufacturer, is engaged in the production and sale of quality wooden EURO windows and doors. Original and timeless solar windows made from natural ecological material will provide low energy consumption and high solar gain from the sun. Our production and sale is offered not only to the customers from the whole Czech and Slovak republic, but also from foreign countries.

Do you not know which window type would be suitable for your house? Then contact the ALBO company which will suggest the ideal window type to make your solar gains as high as possible.

Intelligent solar wooden Euro windows:
- IV92 STRONG 3+ SOLAR solar wooden windows
- EURO IV92 profile - thicker profile (92mm) providing better heat insulating and strength properties
- intelligent solar wooden window with an insulating triple glazing
- windows with parameters Uw=0, 8 W.m-2K-1, Ug=0, 6 W.m-2K-1 and the solar gain parameter g=63%
- a window with great insulation can simultaneously transmit up to 63% of sun rays
- a modern design with rounded outside and inside edges guarantees high durability of the surface coating in the most stressed areas
- six years warranty
- the windows are also suitable for passive houses.

With these windows you can get free interior doors with doorframes - do not hesitate and contact the ALBO company.

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