Activated carbon pelleted, granulated, powder, impregnated - production and sale, the Czech Republic

The Resorbent s.r.o. company from the Czech Republic produces and sells pelleted, granulated, powder and impregnated activated carbon with a wide range of application, which it also exports to the whole Europe.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of activated carbon? Then our company is the right choice for you, for we will provide you with basic types of activated carbon of top quality from our own production.

For the production we use various raw materials, such as wood matter, black coal or coconut shells. The activated carbon's mechanical properties differ according to the chosen material and the carbon thus can be used for different purposes.

Our assortment includes the following basic types:
- granulated activated carbon serves to decolorize and clean air, water
- pelleted is suitable for cleaning of chemicals, air and waste water
- powder is used for cleaning of liquids in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry,
- impregnated is suitable primarily for water filtration.

Do not hesitate and order your activated carbon with us and become one of our satisfied customers!

We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

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