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Would you like to use robotic cells in your operation? Then contact the Blumenbecker Prag company, which supplies robotic workstations on a turnkey basis and in accordance with all agreed requirements.

KUKA robots are just the right thing for your industrial field.

In the area of robotics, Blumenbecker Prag focuses mostly on KUKA robots from the world famous German company KUKA Roboter. The manufacturing portfolio of KUKA robots will satisfy the needs of customers from various industrial fields.

KUKA robots are offered in several versions, from robots with low loading capacity (ca. 3-16 kg) up to robots with very high loading capacity (up to 1000 kg). You can also choose from the category of special robots.

In connection to robotic workstations, Blumenbecker Prag offers to its customers complex services. What services can you, as a customer, look forward to?

- supply of the KUKA robot
- installation of the robot at the customer's place
- programming the robot
- maintenance of the robot (mechanics, electronics)
- training for the maintenance and operation of the robot at the customer's place
- three days of special training at the company headquarters in Prague (two fully functional KUKA robots are installed for this purpose)

KUKA robots can be used in a wide range of industrial operations:

- spot welding
- shielded arc welding (MIG, MAG, TIG)
- bonding
- material manipulation
- palletization, depalletization
- machining (cutting, grinding, milling, soldering, etc.)

Thanks to this broad range of uses, robots are most often used in the automotive, electrochemical and machine industry, as well as in transportation and stock management.

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