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Does your company need to save production costs and you are thinking about how to do it? Machine vision or industrial cameras from the Blumenbecker Prag company could help.

For their high accuracy and image processing speed, camera systems constitute a new important field in the industrial automation area. Most often they are used in production quality control, measurement and identification of products. Timely elimination of defective products during the manufacturing process significantly lowers the number of complaints. You will thus ensure not only the satisfaction of your customers, but also prosperity and a good reputation for your company.

Industrial cameras that do not need a cooperation with a superior PC nowadays help with machine vision. Such cameras have their own built-in processors with several binary outputs and are known as "smart cameras". You can choose from cameras with various performance levels and with various ways of connecting to other devices. However, in the case of very demanding applications and high requirements, the camera needs to be connected to a superior PC.

Most often you can choose from industrial cameras with the following distinguishing parameters:

- from 640x480 pixels up to 1600x1200 pixels (the 1024x768 pixels is a commonly used one, for it represents a compromise between price and performance)
- 3D camera - can process a 3D profile of a product

The use of industrial cameras for machine vision in the manufacture is a contemporary trend in the automation of production. The Blumenbecker Prag company will provide a supply and installation of cameras or a whole system into your new or current technology. It is definitely a great way to relatively quickly improve not only the quality of your products, but also the satisfaction of your customers.

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