The offer has been placed by company MITERAL Ing. Alice Smejkalova

Equipment for car repair shops - Stertil KONI 1065 mobile column lifts for tractors and building machines, the Czech Republic

Do you need a new mobile column lift for your workshop? Then do not hesitate and choose us.

Our company MITERAL Ing. Alice SmejkalovŠ supplies, among others, mobile column lifts for tractors and building machines. They are a perfect choice when you need to lift an agricultural machine, a tractor, heavy building machines, forestry machines or for instance a heavy fire truck.

We offer you the Steril KONI ST 1065 mobile column hydraulic lifts that are easy to maintain and come in a cableless version. Steril KONI ST 1065 is based on the hydraulic principle and has a lifting capacity of 6, 5 tons on each column. Up to 28 columns can be interconnected. An adapter for large wheels is included as well. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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