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Modern medical equipment and medical supplies for urology and gastroenterology, the Czech republic

The Advamed s.r.o. company will supply you with modern devices for urology and gastroenterology. We also provide full service for our devices.

Urology - products:
- uroflowmeters, urodynamic systems, consumables - catheters, pressure sensors
- devices for ambulatory measuring of uroflowmetry - uroflowmeters
- urodynamic devices, consumables for urodynamics - catheters
- pressure sensors
- air-filled catheters for urodynamics
- top perfusion catheters for urodynamics - water-filled
- electronic implants - bladder stimulators
- biopsy needles and others.

- devices for HR esophageal manometry
- pH monitoring and pH-impedance
- consumables for pH monitoring, impedance...

We offer full service of our devices to all medical facilities.
Contact person: Ing. Arnošt Šebel CSc.
cell phone : +420 739 151 302

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