Electrical installations - we supply and install distribution networks for HV and LV, the Czech Republic

Supply, installation of distribution networks, as well as their repairs and reconstruction - all that is provided by the ELEKTROMONTÁŽE s.r.o. company. We have been carrying out electrical installations of all kinds since 1990.

We now offer our services not only to power companies, but also to construction companies, developers or municipalities.

The ELEKTROMONTÁŽE s.r.o. company always tries to meet the requirements of customers from all fields. That is why we carry out installation of distribution networks, both outdoor and wired, for low and high voltage, including transformer stations. Installation of distribution networks is, however, not the only thing that we provide. We also offer professional service and complete reconstructions of distribution networks.

Other services, provided by the ELEKTROMONTÁŽE s.r.o. company, are the following:
- repairs, assembly and supplies of public lighting
- high and low voltage connectors for small and large customers
- connection of photovoltaic and other energy production stations
- electric revisions

We will of course also supply all neccessary documentation for each electrical installation. We will prepare the project as well as everyting needed for the issuance of building permit. Moreover, we are a contractor of the Skupina ČEZ and can thus help you with filling out the application or processing the contract on energy supply.

Thanks to us, all electrical installations are carried out without complications or unnecessary delays.

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