CNC turning center - machining of metallurgical products, weldments, castings and forgings, the Czech Republic

The STROJÍRNY OLŠOVEC s.r.o. company is equipped with a large CNC turning center, where it manufactures common metallurgical products, weldments, castings and forgings. We operate both in the whole Czech Republic and in foreign countries.

STROJÍRNY OLŠOVEC s.r.o. focuses on custom engineering production and in its own production facility it runs a CNC turning center, which is designed for machining of various semifinished products, from common metallurgical products up to weldments, castings and forgings.

CNC turning center
- workplace with a newly acquired machine representing CNC turning center with SAMSUNG PL45XLM driven tools
- this machine broadens our machining capacities with the production of precision rotary components, up to the length of 3000 mm with the maximum turning diameter 620 mm
- the CNC turning center is a highly modern multipurpose machine which enables rotary machining-turning as well as milling, drilling and thread cutting in single clamping.

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