KOBEMAT® BSN fibreglass mats, nonwoven fabrics made of glass fibers, the Czech Republic

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Our KOBE-cz s.r.o. company focuses on the manufacture and distribution of fibreglass mats in the Czech Republic.

The KOBEMAT® BSN fibreglass mats are environmentally friendly, non-flammable and recyclable.

The KOBEMAT® BSN nonwoven fabric is great for its high tensile and flexural strength. The material has high density, good compressibility and can be used up to the temperature of 650 / 800°C.
It is suitable for the insulation of pipes, turbines, boilers, compressors, white technology, but also as a part of structural elements and insulations in the production of boats, cars, motorcycles.
It can also find its use in power plants and for thermal insulation of roofs in building industry.
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