Lamination of mattings from nonwoven cloth, coating the surface of glass fiber mattings with aluminum foil, the Czech Republic

If you are looking for a company that laminates mattings from nonwoven textile and provides coating of surfaces with aluminum foil, then do not hesitate and contact us.

Our company KOBE-cz s.r.o., the Czech Republic, carries out coating of the KOBEMAT® and KOBEFIBER glass fiber mattings with aluminum foil layer.
We adjust nonwoven textiles by laminating. For the coating we use aluminum foil layers, reinforced aluminum foil with glass fiber mesh, glass cloth or glass cloth with wave lock for easier cutting.
We also carry out laminating of mattings on one or both sides by coloured glass cloth, as well as other types of cloth. Laminated products can be used up to the temperature of 650/800°C.
Laminated textiles have a wide range of use - e.g., in automotive, shipbuilding industry, power plants, for insulation of pipes, turbines and exhaust systems.

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