Packaging glass, wine bottles, spirit bottles, laboratory glass, production, sales, Czech Republic

Looking for a manufacturer/distributor of wine bottles? If you are looking for other packaging glass, give us a go.
Our stock company, Glassworks Moravia, Czech Republic, produces and distributes packaging glass. We are located in Úsobrno. You can select from various spirit glasses.
We sell wine bottles, liquors, glasses for the food industry, various cosmetic bottles and laboratory glass.
We also sell reagent bottles, dropper bottles, powder boxes, and burette bottles. The glass is produced in clear, black, brown or green colour. Volumes are from 50ml up to 2, 500ml.
We also provide other services – e.g., we can create new designs, produce forms, make packages based on customer wishes, etc. Feel free to contact us, we are sure to meet your needs.

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SKLARNY MORAVIA, akciova spolecnost

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