Terezín – visit this national cultural monument of the Czech Republic

Visit the national cultural monument of Terezín, which was created as a memorial to the victims of the concentration camp for tens of thousands of people in 1947.

Want to go on an excursion but don't know where? Visit some of the permanent expositions in Terezín.

- Small fortress
- Ghetto museum
- Former Magdeburg barracks
- Columbarium, central morgue, ceremonial rooms
- Former crematorium at the Jewish cemetery
- Prayer room from the time of the Terezín ghetto and a replica of a garret
- Permanent exhibition of the Czech Republic in Auschwitz and Ravensbrück

Don't forget to check opening hours on the website (they are different in summer and winter). Each exposition has different opening hours.

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Pamatnik Terezin

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