Seamless and welded tubes made of low-grade and high-grade carbon steel, the Czech republic

ArcelorMittal is the top manufacturer of seamless tubes in the Czech Republic. The seamless tubes with outer diameters ranging from 21.3 mm to 273.1 mm are manufactured on two Stiefel mills.

The prominent company ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Karviná a.s. is engaged in the production of seamless and welded tubes of low-grade and high-grade carbon steel. Our tubes are of top quality and are certified by many renowned foreign and domestic institutions.

The tubes come in the following lengths:

- manufacture – from 4 to 14 m
- approximate – the customer selects the nominal length within the range of manufacture lengths
- accurate – the customer selects the nominal length by agreement with the manufacturer.

After agreement, we can supply smooth seamless tubes made of low-grade steel, as well as in a boiler design of high-grade carbon steel in accordance with additional foreign standards.

The tubes come in the following surface designs:

– mill-scaled outer and inner surface
– galvanization of tubes (outside and inside) after agreement
– with outer protective paint for short-term protection.

The seamless tubes come with cut ends and are deburred, other treatments can be discussed.

In addition, the seamless tubes can be delivered with the following types of insulation:

- polyethylene with normal or increased thickness in black, yellow, or blue colour
- fibre cement insulation in natural, yellow, or blue colour
- cement mortar
- protective paint of bituminous varnish
- reinforced asphalt insulation with 1 or 2 layers of glass mat and PVC tape.

For the delivery, the tubes are bound with wire or steel tape; the number of ties is agreed with the customer.

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