Pumps for industry, pumping equipment Olomouc

We can supply all types of pumps, special pumping equipment for industries:

Energy industry:
- feed water pumping
- condensate pumping
- pumping of cooling and raw water
- fire-fighting water pumping
- fuel oil transport and oil systems.

Water management:
- service water pumping
- sewage treatment plants
- pumping of raw and waste water.

- irrigation
- polluted water pumping
- faeces pumping.

Food industry:
- pure liquid pumping
- viscous liquid pumping
- suspension pumping.

Chemical industry:
- pumping of active chemical substances
- pumping of solidifying and non solidifying viscous materials
- hydrocarbon pumping
- liquid gas pumping
- pumping of precise and clean application for pharmacy.

Building industry:
- heat distribution
- hot water distribution
- pumping of building materials.

Mines and metallurgical plants:
- cooling water pumping
- crude oil production and transport.

Mechanical engineering:
- lubricating oil systems
- hydraulic oil systems
- hydrostatic tests.

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