Cabling, cable harnesses, connectors for motor sports – made in the Czech Republic

The Czech firm Ray Service supplies cabling and connectors for motor sports. We manufacture custom cable harnesses and connectors in Staré Město outside of Uherské Hradiště in the Zlín Region.

Ray Service supplies cabling, cable harnesses and connectors for motor sports and automobile and transport technology. As each of the projects we take on requires a different approach, we create custom solutions based on the needs of our clients. We respect all of the required standards and specifications, and we are able to manufacture products in a very short time. We collaborate with renowned brands in our production.

We work with the Škoda Motorsport factory team in producing new cable harnesses for race cars. We are specialists in complicated cabling and use scale models to ensure that each harness is identical to the previous one.

We use reverse engineering to replace old parts with new ones.

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Ray Service, a.s.

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