The Terezín heritage site near Litoměřice - a monument to the Jewish victims of the Nazi occupation of the country

Time to time it is necessary to recall even the dark sides of our history - to learn from mistakes. This history includes today Terezín monument near Litoměřice in Czech Republic.

A site that takes your breath away with horror. Nevertheless, it is good to recall this on occasion and to honour the memory of tens of thousands of innocent people that tragically died here or experienced unimaginable suffering.

The mission of this site today is to preserve a memorial to all the victims of racial and political persecution from the period of the Nazi occupation, to maintain evidence of the history of this period (written, pictorial, objects and works created directly by prisoners) and to educate people about this period. Terezín offers the screening of films, educational events and seminars.

Opening hours are weekdays 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Part of the monument is handicap accessible.

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Pamatnik Terezin

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