Thread rolling from size M3 to M30 on UPW 12.5 rolling machines at material strengths of up to 1200 MPa Czech Republic

Looking for a company to thread rolling from size M3 to M30 on UPW rolling machines? Don't hesitate to contact Miroslav Mácha obrábění kovů s.r.o. in Dačice, Czech Republic, a long-time provider of this specialised service.

We roll threads from M3 to M30 in size on materials with strength ratings of up to 1200 MPa on UPW 12.5 rolling machines. Thread rolling compacts the material increasing its strength and durability and improving the surface quality of the thread.
Thread rolling is a cold forming process.
Thread rolling itself is quick and improves the properties of the underlying material, including strength, tension and surface quality, thereby improving the durability of the material.

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