Femtosecond laser, laser eye surgery

Gemini private ophthalmic clinic offers:

We have the latest femtosecond laser in the Czech Republic.
Head surgeon Pavel Stodulka, MD, Ph.D. performed the first LASIK and LASIK with femtosecond laser vision corrections in the Czech Republic
One of our clients is the president of the Czech Republic and the most famous Czech industrialist Tomas Bata with other members of his family from Canada and Switzerland was also being treated in our clinic.
We provide with the use of state-of-the-art equipment in relaxed and luxury environment:
- a wide range of eye surgeries
- therapeutic and diagnostic methods
- laser corrections of eye defects
- cataract surgeries
- retina and vitreous treatment
- treatment of keratoconus by CXL method
- plastic and aesthetic surgery procedures
- eyelid surgeries.

We perform all operations on an outpatient basis by dint of modern and gentle procedures.

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