CZECH REPUBLIC; Engineering production, CNC machining, turning Zlin

We offer engineering production and metal-working:
-CNC machining:
-of precise and fully machined steel rotary parts
-CNC turning:
-precision turning of stainless steel parts according to customer's demand
-steel improvement with high quality
Provision of machining of comprehensively machined rotary parts in turning, drilling, threading and full-featured milling combination according to customer's demand.
Machined materials:
-structural steel
-stainless steel
-treated steel
-tool steel
-metal cutting work (alloy steels, stainless steels, creep-resisting steels and heat-resisting steels)
-CNC machine tools, lathes, Mori Seiki turning centres
-machining of larger precision parts
-Mitutoyo 3D measuring instrument
-automobile, energy mining industry, precision engineering.
-Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden.

Production to order:
-precision and highly complicated components, comprehensive machining
-single-part production, short-run production, very precise production
-material - structural steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel alloys, Inconel, hasteloy, duplex
-components and parts for clutches, turbines, engines, pumps, drives, driving gears, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, flanges, shafts, machine tools.

The offer has been placed by company ACE-TECH s.r.o.

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