Martina Brunova - velkoobchod vlasove kosmetiky

Wholesale hair cosmetics Martina Brůnová offers a wide range of professional hair cosmetics and hairdressing needs of many brands. In our assortment you will find shampoos, dyes, hair balms, hardeners, hairdressing scissors, combs, curling irons and other interesting products. We are based in Hradec Králové on the street Československé armády 216/41.


Hair cosmetic:
 - shampoos, balms
 Hair color
 - highlights
 - Waxes, gels, shine, hair setting
 - color hardeners
 - Hair creams
 - toners
 - masks and other hair styling products.

Hairdressing equipment:
 - Barber scissors
 - clippers
 - curling irons, hairdryers
 - curlers
 - brushes, combs
 - streaking equipment
 - raincoats for cutting and dyeing.

We offer products of the following brands:
- Subrina Professional, Vitalitys, Black, Londa, Schwarzkopf, Matuschka, Hessler, Cormen, Lisap, Wonder, Echosline, Fanola, Duko, Oster, Wahl, Revlon, Hair Majesty and more.

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Martina Brunova - velkoobchod vlasove kosmetiky


Ceskoslovenske armady 216/41
Hradec Kralove 500 03
+420 495 512 248

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