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Fishing tackle Michal Bitala in Přerov sells fishing rods and jewelry, baits, live bait, reels and feed. You can also buy gift vouchers from us for the purchase of fishing equipment.

In our shop you can buy light and at the same time strong rods for fish. We sell fishing rods feeder, carp, fly fishing, bottom, children's, match, telescopic whips, etc. The rod can be purchased separately or in a set with a reel.

The range of winches includes all models from the classic ones equipped with a front or rear brake through idling to fly fishing.

From fishing jewelry you can choose different types of hooks, lines, cords and braids, but also lead, weights, rigs, needles and drills.

You can also buy baits and live baits from us. From this range you can choose trolling lures, such as rubber or particle lures, glitter, pilkers or wobblers. We also have boilies or pellets available.

Live worms, which you can also buy from us, will serve as a live bait.

We also sell fish feed - compound feeds, honeysuckle and oats.

You can also buy quality food for your pets - dogs and cats.

If you want to please a famous fisherman with a nice gift, you can get gift vouchers for the purchase of fishing equipment in our shop.

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