Prazska 702, Nehvizdy 250 81
The company Nesprekol s.r.o. operates in the field of metal production, especially in the field of production of lifting equipment. We also perform metalworking and surface treatment of metals by blasting. We also carry out construction and earthworks.
We focus on the production of crane tracks, bridge and gantry cranes, including assembly, revisions and service. The production program of our company also includes steel structures.

Metal production:
- crane tracks
- lifting technology
- bridge and gantry cranes, including assembly, revisions as well as warranty and post-warranty service
- stainless steel products
- entrance gates, fences, grilles
- steel constructions
- prefabricated halls, staircases.

- turning
- milling
- cutting, bending of sheets
- laser cutting
- welding, welding work
- surface treatment of metals by blasting.

Realization and execution of constructions:
- apartment construction
- construction of flats
- construction of halls
- utilities
- demolition, demolition work
- earthworks
- laying interlocking paving
- terraces
- project activity.

Our company builds on a long tradition of manufacturing lifting equipment and employees have many years of experience in this field. If you are interested in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are located at Pražská 702, Nehvizdy district Prague-East.

  • metal entrance gates, blacksmith production, metal fence, fence and gate accessories, metal structures
  • soil excavation, landscaping, earthwork for utility networks, loading and transportation of soil, strengthening of surfaces
  • welding of gates, railing and staircase welding, welding of shelves and racks, welding of large hall structures
  • housing developer project, housing association, residential complex, sale of flats, construction of housing units
  • engineering production, metal processing, steel structures, building metalworking, structures welding, metal machining
  • interior steel structure construction, steel structure anchoring, steel structure assembly
  • demolition works, crane works, steel structure demolitions, work with heavy mechanisation
  • electrical static lifting platforms, tilting forklifts, shear forklifts, electric tractors, cranes and hoists
  • engineering production, machining and turning, milling of metal parts, automatic lathes, custom metalworking
  • tinning and blackening, decorative chrome plating, anodizing and phosphating, galvanic nickel coating, sanding and polishing, hot-dip galvanizing

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