NIKA Logistics, a.s.

Nadrazni 220, Hrochuv Tynec 538 62

  • transport systems, transportation of goods, truck transport, dispatching provision, GPS monitoring
  • aircraft passenger transport, aircraft cargo transport, airline services, additional services at airport
  • transportation of cargo by water, river freight transportation, services of cargo ships, freight transport to ports, making rivers navigable
  • transport logistics, warehousing logistics, logistic processes, flow of goods
  • international parcel service, international full-truck load transport, international logistics and transport, truck transport
  • railway freight transportation, rail coal transportation, railway transport of construction materials, rail transportation of agricultural commodities
  • water line digging, sewerage digging, underground utility construction, construction of surface roads, pavement and sidewalk construction, landscaping and ground work
  • logistic services, storage spaces, warehouse networks, storehouse rental, bonded warehouse
  • domestic freight transport, truck transport, railway transport of goods, trailer combination
  • board of customs, liability for customs debts, Intrastat reporting, duties optimization, customs documents issuing

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