Farma Olsovka - NORD OLSOVKA, spol. s r.o.

Chov huculských koní a masného skotu

  • culture and arts, exhibition halls, permanent exhibition of works, paintings and photos, art collections, thematic exhibitions
  • beef cattle breeding, goats and pigs farming, poultry breeding, care of livestock, farm and organic farm, animal husbandry
  • ride in saddle, race horse, equestrian disciplines, terrain rides, show jumping, horse stabling
  • reproduction procuring, sperm taking, freezing of insemination doses, natural breeding, animal insemination
  • accommodation and events for companies, facilities for training and accommodation, congresses and workshops with accommodation, corporate presentations and courses, convention centre, corporate parties
  • accommodation in pensions, family accommodation, full board, sanitary facilities

Czech Companies:    Boarding houses, Rooming houses,  Congress and business tourism,  Horses and riding,  Livestock,  Museums, art galleries and exhibition rooms,  Selective breeding,