Ondrej Patka - vodoinstalaterske, topenarske prace

c.p. 86, Cermna 543 71

  • radiator fittings, control valves and fittings, stop valves, fittings for drinking water, heating devices
  • kitchen robots, kitchen dashers, meat mincing machines, home coffee makers, kettles, hair dryers, safety razors, irons, vacuum cleaners
  • designing of gas pipelines, gas main installation, gas system installations, gas main repairs, maintenance of gas networks, gas equipment inspections
  • soil excavation, landscaping, earthwork for utility networks, loading and transportation of soil, strengthening of surfaces
  • chimney systems, construction of chimneys, chimney accessories, brick and stainless chimneys, smoke flue installation
  • spraying equipment, air dryers, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps and blowers, pumping equipment
  • environmentally friendly machines, environment-friendly equipment, eco-friendly devices, air washers, ecological heating systems
  • heat pump assembly, solar panel designing, floor heating implementation, boiler replacement
  • water piping installation, water connections, water distribution and sewer system, installation of water meters, installation of water taps
  • demolition of foundations, construction of brick walls, wall plastering, reconstruction of sanitary units, demolition work

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