Online-olin, s.r.o.

Litovelska 2510/12, Sternberk 785 01
- earthworks
- foundation of buildings
- rehabilitation and insulation of substructures
- construction of roads
- monolithic structures
- utilities
- trucking
- container transport

Sale, import:
- sand
- gravel
- recycled materials
- cement
- blocks
- coal, briquettes, pellets

  • domestic freight transport, truck transport, railway transport of goods, trailer combination
  • exploring of damp objects, calculation of damp building constructions, masonry drying, masonry rehabilitation, remediation material
  • construction of roads and motorways, bridge construction, highway construction, construction of crossings, construction of railway network
  • vibratory and compaction machines, aluminium towers, ceiling formwork, small tools, levelling device, assembly platforms
  • brown and black coal, coke and briquettes, solid fuel, wood logs and sawdust, chips and pellets
  • sales of building materials, distribution of dry plaster mixes, distribution of concrete bricks, gravel and sand pits, quarrying
  • foundation excavations, excavations for heat pumps, pool pit excavations, earth movement, demolition works
  • water pipeline laying, sewer laying, water connection installation, gas pipeline laying, wastewater treatment plant installation
  • carbon materials, brown coal pellets, granulated charcoal, black coal, lignite
  • geotechnical survey, construction of underground walls, jet grouting, excavation work, foundation plates

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