Petr Svamberg

Artistic glazier and restorer. Production, restoration and renovation of stained glass and historic glass.

- restoration and renovation of windows, doors, furniture and light fittings in lead and brass not only in historic houses but also in churches, castles, castles and aristocratic residences
- painting and decorating glass using classic techniques, then grinding, matting, sandblasting and etching decors
- unique stained glass windows made of alabaster
- historical lamps, polygonal stained glass lamps, restoration of historical crystal chandeliers, shaped glass fillings of historical furniture, restoration of old mirrors and Venetian type
- production of frosted glass, silk glass, raw glass and glass with a UV filter - the only one in the Czech Republic - with a certificate from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

I make window glass for heritage buildings. Using this glass, heritage buildings can be restored to their original historical appearance.

I am the only manufacturer of this glass in the Czech Republic, which I produce as a replica of hand-made, historical glass intended for the glazing of historic buildings and historic and new wooden buildings.

I have been working continuously in the field for more than 40 years and have the broadest education in the field - 2 teaching certificates and 3 schools.

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Petr Svamberg


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