Drevovyroba Popp a syn, s.r.o.

  • sales of wooden eur pallets, distribution of untypical pallets, pallet load-bearing bases, disposable pallets

The company Drevovyroba Popp a syn, s.r.o. is a manufacturer of wooden boxes for agriculture. We produce wooden boxes for potatoes and vegetables, pallets and other packaging.
We also make custom-made disposable pallets or other special packaging, such as for machines. No less important part of the production of wooden pallets consists of custom-made pallets for different building materials, food or alcohol.

Since the beginning of 2010 we have produced about 240, 000 wooden boxes and our biggest customers are Kelly's, Frisch Frost, Rupp, Mayer and others. We also export to Germany, in particular to the cities of Munich and Hamburg.

Standard dimensions of the wooden packaging are:
- 140cm x 110cm, height 120cm with pallet
- 117cm x 117cm, height 122cm with pallet
- 120 cm x 95 cm, height 115 with pallet
- 140 cm x 110 cm, height 115 with pallet
- 180cm x 120cm, height 92 with pallet (80 cm inside)
- 120cm x 80cm
- 120cm x 100cm

- any other dimensions we are able to produce at customer's request

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