Praefect Manufactory, s.r.o.

Bobrova c.p. 298, Bobrova 592 55

  • winter holiday, summer vacation, weekend stays, study stays abroad, excursion tours, guide services
  • other consumer goods, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, living room accessories
  • ladies´ wear, ladies´ t-shirts, ladies´ trousers, ladies´ tights, ladies´ coats, ladies´ skirts, ladies´ tops
  • children jackets, children shirts, children underwear, children sets, children overalls, baby clothes
  • men's fashion, formal suits, coats and jackets, trousers and jeans, waistcoats, shirts and sweaters
  • development of ships and boats, vessels production, excursion boats, cargo ships, sports boats, houseboats and residential boats

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