Zubni klinika Smile Factory, s.r.o.

Jakubska 156/2, Brno 602 00
Dental Clinic Smile Factory, s.r.o. provides patients with comprehensive modern dental care according to European standards in a pleasant and casual environment. At the first visit, we perform an initial examination and a thorough history of the patient, with a comprehensive analysis of the teeth and oral cavity. Our services include caries treatment, aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, removal of pigmentation from teeth by sandblasting, dental hygiene, dental implants, endodontic treatment and other dental procedures. You can find us at Jakubská 156/2, Brno.

Dental clinic, dentistry:
- comprehensive diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic care
- initial examination
- comprehensive analysis of teeth and oral cavity
- setting a treatment plan
- treatment and treatment of dental caries
- aesthetic dentistry
- ceramic crowns
- dental implants
- endodontic treatment
- treatment of periodontitis
- removal of pigmentation from teeth by sandblasting with a fine cleaning powder with fruit flavor
- Teeth whitening
- dental hygiene
- dental veneers.

Our surgery has the most modern equipment from a top Finnish manufacturer of medical equipment not only for dentists.

X-ray equipment:
- Panoramic X-ray OPG
- Intraoral X-ray with scanner.

Pain-free dental treatment is a matter of course for us. During all procedures, the doctor will ask you if everything is fine, if nothing hurts and will inform you in detail about the actions performed - if you are not watching your favorite show on the screen above the chair.

  • teeth whitening, gum treatment, dental hygiene, teeth bracing, dental implants, dental bridges

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