Hagemann a.s.
Zavod Opava

  • lorries and trucks, towing vehicles, box trucks, tarpaulin trucks, platform trucks, dump trucks

  • locksmith services, metal fabrication services, production of fences and lattices, railing and staircase manufacture, metal working

  • assembly halls, staircases and railings, gates and fencing, locksmith structural elements, street furniture, production of metal structures

- new vehicles of Daewoo, Avia, Lublin, Piaggio, Scam, Gasolone, Vigo, Mercedes, Man, Iveco, Mitsubischi, Peugeot, DAF, Honker, VW (Volkswagen)
- spare parts and accessories of Avia, IFA, P-V3S, including reconditioning ones
- spare parts of utility bodies, hydraulic systems
- used vehicles (repurchase in part exchange, second-hand shop, consignment sale)
- trailing trucks and towline trucks.
- vehicle body extensions
- box bodies - plywood, aluminium, isothermal, cooling, refrigerating, beverage, bakers', mobile workshops, bodies for passenger transport, towing bodies
- platform bodies
- tilting bodies
- towing bodies
- one-armed container carriers
- special bodies
- extended cabs on Daewoo Avia vehicles
- building and municipal vehicles of our own construction - VIGO
- conversion of Avia vehicles to 4x4 drive
- metalwork, steel structures according to customer's documentation, blasting.
Vehicle and accessory service, services:
- repairs and service of motor vehicles
- overhauls and partial repairs of engines, gearboxes, axles, differentials and other vehicle plants
- repairs of IFA-50 engines, E512, E514 combine harvesters
- car-body construction
- crashed car repairs
- painting of motor vehicles, frames and other products
- repairs of vehicle electrical equipment including sets
- vehicle geometry inspection and alignment on optical apparatus:
- lorries and passenger cars
- spark-ignition and compression-ignition engine exhaust emission measurement
- brake test on brake bench
- injection pump repairing
- repairs and service of vehicle hydraulic systems:
- container carriers, loading cranes, lifting faces, assembly platforms, tippers
- EC tachograph installation, adjustment and checking
- car-glass repairs by "Glass repair" technology
- vehicle preparation for technical inspection and technical inspection execution
- vehicle preparation for seasonal operation (spring - winter)
- vehicle weighing
- non-stop vehicle recovery service.
Instalation of accessories and special eqipment:
- independent additional oil and gas heaters:
- Truma, Eberspächer, Webasto, Ateso
- hydraulic lifting platforms:
- BÄR, Zepro, Dautel, Dhollandia
- plastic accessories:
-sleep extensions, top spoilers of ZAKO, PONY, ERLAN, tool boxes, shelves
- hydraulic lifting cranes (hydraulic arms):
-PM, Ostroj, Fassi, Palfinger, Panoba
- one-armed container carriers:
-CTS Okrinek, TAM
- refrigeration sets of Thermo King, Carrier
- transformation of small commercial vehicles to 6-seat
- vehicle building-in with use of Tesla, Bott configurations
- thermal insulation of utility vehicles
- towing equipment of all types and makes
- driver's cab air-conditioning
- protecting devices, warning alarm beacons, lights, etc.
Tire service:
- for passenger cars, lorries/ trucks and commercial vehicles.
Control, replenishing, cleaning:
- air-conditioning systems.
- Olomouc, Holicka 29:
- tel., fax: +420-585220125, 602702377
- Praha 9, Prosecka 74:
- tel., fax: +420-286580593, 602110830.
The company is a holder of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 quality certificates.

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