KVP servis s.r.o.

KVP servis s.r.o. operates in the field of supplies of welding technology and technical gases for welding. It also manufactures and sells saw blades, band saws and cutting accessories. The range offered includes oils, emulsions, hand tools Milwaukee and other brands.

Welding technology:

- Sales, customer service
- Welding sources, aggregates and wires
- electrodes
- dimming hoods
- burners and spare parts
- grounding tongs
- autogenous technology
- welding machines Fronius, Alfa-in, Einhell, Esab and others
- MIG / MAG, TIG / TIG welding equipment
- MMA welding
- revision of welding equipment
- plasma cutters
- welding consumables
- Protective work equipment
- suction.

Technical gases for welding:

 - shielding gases
 - argon, CO2
 - mixed gas (two-component and multi-component)
 - oxygen, acetylene
 - gas for tapping equipment (freshmix).

Saw blades and band saws:

- manufacture of saw blades for metal and wood
- trunk saw blades
- saw bands for carpenters
- regional representation for the production and sale of Wikus and Röntgen saw blades
- representation of band saws brands Pilana, Pilous and Bomar.

Electric hand tools:

- sale and service of hand-held power tools
- High performance Milwaukee tools
- cordless tools (cordless tools)
- Rechargeable hand tools
- 9Ah Milwaukee Amp-Hour Battery
- up to 80 kinds of tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, grinders, hammers, etc.) on the same battery
- FUEL brushless motor
- on-line control of tools via mobile applications (one key system for checking and locking tools)
- all-steel gearbox
- other brands Ryobyi and Aeg.

Technical Sprays:

- technical chemistry in sprays
- for welding
- degreasing
- lubricants
- for defectoscopy
- protective sprays.

KVP provides consulting services to all services.

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