CHLAZENI servis s.r.o. Opava

COOLING SERVICE s.r.o. is a professional company in the field of gastro with a focus on the area of gastro equipment, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning in Opava.

It offers equipment of large and small kitchens, including design and professional assembly of gastronomic equipment:

- stainless steel furniture
- cooking technology
- washing technology - dishwashers
- pizza oven
- refrigerators, refrigerators and freezers or tables
- robots and kneaders
- water softeners
- gastronorm containers and food distribution

Performs complete air-conditioning turnkey project design through production, assembly, adjustment and operator training for:

- industrial buildings
- hotels and restaurants
- stores and warehouses
- hospitals, schools, nursing homes
- joinery operations
- agricultural farms and grain silos

It offers delivery, service and repairs for commercial and industrial cooling of all kinds:

- refrigerated showcases, counters, chests, counters, showcases and bathtubs
- refrigerators and freezers of all sizes and sizes, "turnkey"
- hotel minibars
- shock chillers and freezers
- ice and soda water makers
- wine shops and complete beverage technology
- for: shops, warehouses, kitchens, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, offices, hotels, delicatessen and grocery stores, butchers and delicatessens

Installs and supplies air conditioning including construction work with regular service for:

- apartments
- offices
- stores
- servers
- medical offices

The company Refrigeration Service provides complete equipment for the entire gastronomic operations, canteens, dispensing lines and kitchens.


Fabor, Brema, Sinclair, Nosreti

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CHLAZENI servis s.r.o. Opava


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