L & M napoje s.r.o.

  • cold drinks, hot drinks, coffees and teas, lemonades, syrups, tonic drinks, milk drinks, water and mineral water

  • alcoholic beverages, wine products, wine product range, grapevine, choice wines

  • spirits distribution, whisky, vodka and tequila, gin and liqueurs, brandy, rum, fruit spirits

  • beer distribution, lagers, stouts, semi-dark non-filtered lagers, tap beer, non-alcoholic beer, radlers

  • gastronomic equipment, hot air ovens, convection ovens and cookers, stainless steel equipment, catering facilities equipment

Company L&M drinks s.r.o. is a beverage wholesaler selling alcoholic and soft drinks. Its assortment includes domestic and foreign spirits, cask and bottled beer, wine, soft drinks, savory pastries and more. It also provides draft beer cooling equipment. It operates mainly in Opava and its surroundings.

The main customer of the company are gastronomic facilities. Delivery of goods is a matter of course.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages:

- Pilsner Urquell
- Radegast
- Gambrinus
- Velkopopovický Kozel
- Staropramen
- Ostravar
- Stella
- Artois
- Hoegaarden
- Budvar
- Sorry
- Svijany
- barrels and bottles

- a large selection of beers
- wines
- different types of vodka
- Puschkin
- Rum
- Amareto
- Baileys
- Becherovka
- Berentzen
- Bols
- Carolans
Fernet Stock
- Griotka
- Jägermeister
- Magister
- Malibu
- Peprmint
- Old hunting
- Tatra tea
- Pine
- Hruskovice, Slivovice, Jablkovice, Apricot
- Dirty
- Whiskey
- Cognac

In our warehouse you can find cask kofola and other complementary products, which include coffee, juices, soft drinks, savory pastries and sale of "gift" goods.

L & M Drinks s.r.o. provide draft beer coolers for cooling beer. Coolers are always booked for the weekend and must be picked up by Thursday 16:00 and returned Monday by 16:00.

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