Andrla CZ s.r.o. Opava
Sterk, pisek, beton Opava

Andrla CZ s.r.o is a company providing production and transport of concrete - concrete mixing plant, sale of loose materials such as gravel, sand, gravel and slag. It also focuses on the sale of concrete mixes, Texaco oils, brown and hard coal. Also provides international trucking and forwarding.


- mechanical repair of cars
- tire service
- sale of discs
- Barum, Matador, Michelin, Firestone tires
- automatic solid fuel boilers
- propane-butane bottles (PB bottles).
- Texaco automobile oils including replacement.

Sales and imports:

 - loose materials
 - fracture grit
 - gravel, sand
 - quarry stone
 - aggregates
 - gravel
 - sand
 - duck
 - slate pulp (slate chips)
 - slag
 - concrete mixtures, concrete
 - concrete plant
 - interlocking pavement BEST a.s.
 - diesel
 - Texaco oils.

Company Andrla CZ s.r.o. offers and sells in a specialized roofed sales warehouse of fuels of high quality and dry:

 - Brown coal
 - black coal
 - coke
 - briquettes (wood briquettes)
 - brown coal briquettes
 - Chopped firewood.

Andrla CZ s.r.o. Opava has eight tipper wagons with a canvas cover. It transports approximately 100, 000 tons of material annually. It also has five steel sets with ADR equipment and three tractors with aluminum semi-trailers.
It carries loose materials of all kinds, from fine sands and gravel, to coal, salt and grain, to large stones or scrap iron.

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Andrla CZ s.r.o. Opava


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Branka u Opavy 747 41
+420 553 787 306

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