Ergona Opava s.r.o.

Company Ergon Opava s.r.o. is a non-state medical facility based in Opava, which continues to develop its activities in the field of orthopedic prosthetics, which focuses mainly on medical, orthopedic and prosthetic devices, prostheses, orthoses and footwear.

Ergon Opava s.r.o. is linked to clinical practice and can offer you:

- orthoses of upper and lower limbs
- upper and lower limb prostheses
- orthopedic insoles (corrective, therapeutic, sports)
- orthopedic footwear tailored
- torso orthoses (therapeutic, stabilizing and traumatic)
- heel brace
- orthopedic modifications of standard footwear
- sale of diabetic, therapeutic or children's medical footwear
- walking analysis, which is important in dealing with foot pain
- wheelchairs brand Ortoservis, Sivak, Medicco

Orthopedic aids improve the quality of life after injuries, specific illnesses or birth defects.

For wheelchairs, we can provide our clients with wheelchairs of several types and brands:
 - wheelchairs Ortoservis - mechanical, mechanical with auxiliary drive, electric
 - wheelchairs Sivak - mechanical, electric
wheelchairs Medicco - active wheelchairs (ultralight, sports), electric (wheelchairs electric, children's), mechanical, children, lightweight

It cooperates with doctors who focus on the treatment of locomotive organs and indications of orthopedic-prosthetic devices. It provides its clients with consultancy in the field not only by telephone calls, but also by e-mail inquiries.

They use the latest technical procedures in the manufacture of medical devices and their availability is ensured by a number of branches and exit workplaces (Krnov, Sumperk, Jesenik, Olomouc, Brno, Hranice na Morave, Prerov, Breclav, Kromeriz). .

We are ready to help you.

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